4 Round tables: Product Innovation

Increasing App Visibility & Rankings in the App Stores through App Store Optimisation
While SEO is considered essential for websites, the importance of ASO is less notorious within App Marketing. This session will help show you what to focus on, the significant differences between iOS and Android in regards to the app store algorithms, and how keyword analysis can increase your visibility.
By Anastazia Mrozek

Boost the success of your app marketing through PR!
The law of successful advertising
An important rule of advertising is that it takes around seven offline and/or online contact moments before you really attract the attention of your target group. These contact moments must also be attractive and interesting, otherwise they will disappear among the many daily stimuli that have no direct value for your target group. Your marketing consequently becomes much more complex and expensive as you try to tempt your target group to consider what you have to offer. And the real value offered by your company / app.
By Jennifer Delano

Breaking through the noise: why we really need to automate
The average marketer works with more than 15 ad platforms to manage campaigns and optimize KPIs. It’s no surprise that 84% of CEOs are concerned with how data driven decisions are made. Find out how 49% of marketers are adopting automation and getting a leg up on the competition.
By Francesco Chiarini


Session details
Date: 14-09-2020
Time: 1600041600 - 10:45
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