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A multi day festival in different cities, all about apps. A Festival for one week packed full of sessions, events, workshops and diners. Whether you are a PO, designer, developers or from the business side of apps. We offer you a week of inspiration, networking and showcases.

Our program

We have skilled developers share their knowledge, talented designers will teach you tips and tricks, while industry experts offer great insights into the business side of apps. Code workshops and training in soft skills – in fact, everything you need to take your next step in the world of Apps!

We are

A community-driven festival in the Netherlands since 2012. We work in the app industry, sharing knowledge, promoting the field of creating apps, connecting our network, and showcase best practices and professionals who create them. With our team we create podcasts, soft skills training, facilitate the festival and the mobile diner.

You are

Working in app development, design, digital strategy, marketing, account, a project management or the company board. You love to network, meet new people, get informed and inspired. But especially, you like to create apps!

Appril is live!

New knowledge fades quickly, but new relationships can make your career. That’s why even the masters of virtual worlds know that nothing beats live.  The upcoming period we will be working on our program. Sign up for our newsletter to stay up to date with our sessions.

Our topics

#creating an app # development side, product side, design aspects #business side  #mobile businesses, #app marketing insights #UX/UI design #new technologies #conversational user interfaces# customer journeys #Development #Flutter #iOS#Android #backend #Testing . Our code of conduct for our conference can be found here.

Our expert team

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