Monetizing your app

Vincent Bergsma

Speaker / Trainer

I am a passionate business developer, finding opportunities where others see none, or reinventing existing business. I love translating strategy into practical, executable advice to support organizations in executing their strategy. Starting from the idea that viable strategies deliver both customer and business value it means I develop business models for organizations that aim to enter new markets, launch new products/services or aim to improve performance of current products/services. Through serving in a variety of roles in startups as well as the corporates I bring a variety of perspectives and a considerable range of experiences to the table to ensure business gets build and customers get served.

I bet you have had some amazing app ideas. Maybe you even build some. It might even be your hobby. If you did, most likely you had the same experience as most of us did, the hobby didn’t get you there. ‘Build it and they [the customers] will come’ didn’t work. So you tried several things to make money, growing increasingly frustrated over time, ultimately maybe even stopping the project.

So what happened? Did you properly understand how your app worked as a business? Did you understand its potential, did you know how to get there and was it realistic in the first place?

Over the course of 45 minutes I will guide you with insights on these questions to help you run your app as a business, allowing you to have more fun and make more money while doing it.

Session details
Date: 14-09-2020
Time: 1600081200 - 11:45
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