Creating Compound Interest

Dylan Evans

Speaker / Trainer

Co-founded the Marketing Lab - an Agile data-driven product and marketing hub - by partnering closely with the business director and marketing lead who needed a new way of working to achieve their ambitious business goals. I brought my my superpower, which is creating insight driven visions that inspire teams to deliver first-of-kind world class experiences. I consult business leaders to formulate projects that span product creation through to product marketing - with a heavy dollop of growth hacking mentality thrown in. The results speak for themselves - 6x faster speed to market with 2x conversions. I also have rich experience in creating services and products for consumers(B2C), and (B2B) selling these to clients in the consumer, financial, defence, utilities and government sectors, globally. Rich experience in VUI, APP, Web and multimodal design.

Warren Buffett isn’t the only one who can profit from compounding interest. By creating and introducing compounding interest in your apps and products, you can also profit. In this talk, you’ll get underneath the strategy and see some frameworks and approaches to embedding compound interest generation in your apps and products. You’ll create a playing field where your team’s creativity is focused and can thrive on consumer focus. The added bonus is that the approach can be used for all aspects of your business model and distribution – whether you’re B2B or B2C.

Session details
Date: 14-09-2020
Time: 1600096500 - 16:00
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