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Stephan Veenstra

Stephan is a dedicated mobile developer based in Bedum, Groningen, the Netherlands. Initially working as an Android Native Developer, Stephan embarked on his journey with Flutter in 2018, sensing its potential as his next professional endeavor. In 2021, he officially started working with Flutter, making it his primary focus in the realm of mobile development.

Currently employed at Pinch since August 2021, Stephan channels his passion for app and game development into meaningful projects. Beyond his professional commitments, he is an avid explorer of innovative solutions and is currently delving into FlutterFlow, a no-code/low-code tool for building apps. This exploration reflects his adaptability and eagerness to embrace cutting-edge technologies in the ever-evolving field of mobile development.

Stephan’s home is a bustling one, shared with his wife, two sons, and a beloved dog. His ongoing exploration of mobile development is marked by a commitment to innovation and a love for creating entertaining and engaging digital experiences.

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