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David Carvalhão

Speaker / Trainer

Obsessive serial entrepreneur, polymath, creative thinker and public speaker, he has 21 startups under his belt and a few extra pounds on top, some tech patents and a track record for getting exotic things done. For the past few years he has been invested in helping startups get to market, as a Business Angel, public speaker, trainer and mentor at some of the best acceleration programs in Europe, such as the Lisbon Challenge, EDP Energy Accelerator and the European Innovation Academy, as well as being an expert disruptive business/technology evaluator for the European Commission and a few European investment funds. David can be found on any major social network under the handle @carvalhao

In this talk I take the audience in a journey into the mind of one of the most notorious terrorists of the 20th century, the Unabomber, as a starting point to introduce a cognitive model of human activity as a tool to understand the impacts of technology in societies.

Session details
Date: 18-04-2019
Time: 1555583700 - 11:25
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