What is my minimum awesome product

Maheep Gupta

Speaker / Trainer

Maheep Gupta is the founder and CEO of OCDLab, a California and Rotterdam based Startup consultancy. For 15+ years, he has been helping startups and Fortune 100 companies with creative yet logical inputs for product development. He specializes in idea validation, business development, product refinement, and design thinking.

If you have a startup idea but not sure where to go next, connect to brainstorm together.

MVP is one of the most commonly misunderstood concepts in the lean entrepreneurship world. The word viable mean differently for different people, where as minimum if often understood as mean or cheap. In this talk I want to talk about the best strategy for designing a minimum viable product and then go one step father and discuss how to make it awesome, or.. MAP (minimum awesome product)

Session details
Date: 14-09-2020
Time: 1600081200 - 11:45
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