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Steven provides businesses and people with the tools for professional growth. The mainstay of his company "My Mind Farm" is durable training that is always tailor made, which also makes it coaching. The main focus is improvement of motivation, attentional skills, soft skills, communication skills, and general health. He has a long formed background as organization expert, neurologist, trainer/coach, mind/behavioral-expert. And two years ago he became a student computation and Python with special interest in AI" He knows the developers" world as student, but also as teacher and coach. And...he has a strong passion for the trade. This enables him to provide training that allow App developers to excell in what they do.


Succeeding in personal life or professional life and agile environments can be seen as: doing things right, and feeling good about that. It involves you and others you work with. If the feeling good misses, this will cause lasting frustration. That diminishes performance/productivity, decreases motivation, and causes high levels of stress, depression and burnout. If the feeling good is present, it creates poise toward realizing intentions and goals, even if the outcome is different from what was expected. It also creates durable connections. This feels great.

This positive state is brought about by training the brain in crucial areas that govern emotion and cognitive processes, and knowing how to communicate intentions, goals and criteria for success with another (communication/negotiation). My Mind Farm thus offers training in EQ-plus (effective communication). Capgemini recently described emotional intelligence as the ’must have skill” for a (work) future impacted by the rise of AI (see link).

From this session you will learn:

  • How emotion determines your actions and how you feel about that
  • How feeling great actually reinforces performance and health
  • How this works in the brain in 5 primary domains that can be trained
  • How this translates to clear goal setting and efficiency in attaining them
  • How to work with EQ/negotiation training for businesses or personal development

This session is stand alone. The previous session is looking at things from a different angle. The different perspectives enhance understanding and integration. So joining both is really useful. This session is interactive. A laptop is not necessary. We need your mind!

Read this and stand surprised:
Demand for emotional intelligence skills soars six folds
Optimize Work/life For It Professionals


The Soft Skills sessions were developed by Miss Appril. Miss Appril supports and matches app developers.

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Date: 29-10-2020
Time: 1603929600 - 13:30
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