Do you ever think about accessibility? Is it an integral part of your design or development process? It better be. For more than one reason. And probably not the ones you are thinking of.

Two years ago we did research on how much people actually use accessibility features on their mobile devices. The results were stunning. There is no excuse to ignore accessibility any longer. I have the data to prove it now. We found that almost 50% of the 1.5 million people we surveyed use one or more of these settings. In my talk, I will share the most important results from this research. These numbers play a crucial role in the development of accessible apps. I give you the tools to make them work for you. Let this be your starting point to create apps that can be used by anyone and are awesome for everyone.

After this talk you will have no excuses anymore to create inaccessible apps. If that makes you feel uncomfortable you have to attend. Because I will help you out

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