Simplify & Speed Up Your App Development with Mendix Low-Code

Discover the world of easy app development with Mendix:
a great event for beginners and app enthusiasts

Event Overview
Join us for an exciting event about Mendix, a platform that’s changing the way the world makes apps. Mendix makes building apps fast and easy, and it’s perfect for anyone interested in app development, whether you’re just starting out or are a seasoned developer. This event is the perfect opportunity to see what Mendix is all about, meet people who are experts in this field, and make an app yourself.

Why you should join
Learn how Mendix can make app development simpler and quicker from expert Mendix developers and our customers. Hear from a well-known Dutch company how they are using Mendix to do great things. Join a workshop where you’ll create your own app with Mendix, with help from experienced instructors and experts in the Mendix community. Meet and chat with Mendix pros and others who love app development.


13:00 – What is Mendix? – Andrej Koelewijn from Mendix will introduce you to Mendix and explain why it’s so useful for making apps.
13:30 – Meet our Customer – Hear from a company that has successfully used Mendix and learn from their experience.
14:45 – 15-Minute Break – Take a short break to relax and chat with others.
15:00 – Workshop: Create Your First Mendix App – Thomas Keuter and Jonathan Diehl will guide you through making your first app using Mendix.
17:30 – Drinks & Networking – Finish the event with a friendly networking session over drinks.

This event is more than just learning; it’s a chance to join a community that’s at the forefront of modern app development. Whether you want to improve your skills, explore a new way of making apps, or meet people who share your interests, this event is the perfect place to start. Come and start your app-making journey with Mendix!

Don’t forget

Bring your laptop for the workshop part!

This session is for everyone who is interested in getting to know low-code platform development, for all levels

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