Right on Schedule with Mendix

Apvine meetup – Round 2️⃣!

Join us during this meetup to learn how to pick-up scheduling problems with Mendix. Keeping up with your own professional and personal calendar can already be a challenge, let a lone keeping up with enterprise grade planning and resource allocation. What challenges do you face and how to pragmatically solve these? Join us and see if you are right on track.

**📅 Agenda**
18:00 – Walk-in & Food
19:00 – What is a scheduling problem? Simple to Complex
19:30 – What can we pick-up out-of-the box in Mendix?
20:00 – When do we look at third party additions and integrated additions?
20:30 – Drink & Networking 🍷🍺

**About the Speakers**
[Hubert Bullen](https://www.linkedin.com/in/hubert-bullen-1a2702bb/) – Solution Architect @ apvine

**🍕 Food**
During the Walk-In freshly baked pizza will be served. We’ll make sure there is a variety available so there is something for everyone choosing (e.g. meat, seafood, vegetarian pizza’s). If you have any specific diet wishes please contact Rini.

At the office there are parking places marked with ‘Inkubis’, feel free to park there. Otherwise, upon arrival just outside the gate there are lots of unmarked free spots available.

**About Mendix Meetups**

The Mendix Community Meetups are about **meeting other makers**, **knowledge sharing**, and **learning something new.**

To learn more about the meetups or if you want to organize your own meetup, contact the Community Team at community at Mendix.com

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