Redesigning the Schiphol flight experience

Daan van Klinken

Speaker / Trainer

Daan and Niels are founders of Flow (, a FinTech startup. They help freelancers and consumers set up their financial autopilot which results into guilt free spending on the things you find important. Doing this by offering smart rules for your bank accounts that automatically divide your money. Daan and Niels both are freelancers themselves. As design duo they worked on many apps, first at design agency Hike One, later as a freelance duo. A couple of well known products they have worked on: Buienradar, Radio 538 app, Horizon 4 TV UI, Yolt and Schiphol. Through their way of working—whether it’s freelance designing or managing their own startup—they try to involve the business to ensure the product does not only have a great UX, but also furthers the companies they work for.

Speaker / Trainer

For a lot of travelers, the experience of going through the airport can be quite stressful. Because of this, people come too early to the airport, or go to the gate too fast. This results into more crowdidness and a worse experience for other passengers. The Schiphol app is used by many of those travelers, and has the function of giving people relevant flight information.

The team responsible for the app sought a solution to take the stress out of traveling, by telling travelers clearly when to be where in a new version of the app.

Designers Daan van Klinken and Niels Mulder and iOS-developer Eric-Paul “EP” Lecluse tell the story about how this big project was tackled. Involving multiple business departments, research, prototyping, testing and building. EP will zoom into the technical challenges as well as talk about how we set out to measure the success in the app.

Session details
Date: 14-09-2020
Time: 1600092000 - 14:45
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