Rapid app development with FlutterFlow

By Stephan Mantel & Stephan Veenstra

We, Stephan & Stephan, will introduce you to FlutterFlow; a visual UI builder and development platform for creating cross-platform apps. It enables developers to create applications with ease by providing a drag-and-drop interface for designing UI layouts and integrating functionality through pre-built components and widgets, while remaining flexible by allowing the developer to add custom components, functions, actions and widgets. FlutterFlow streamlines the development process by generating clean Dart code based on the visual design, facilitating rapid prototyping and iteration. With its intuitive interface and seamless integration with Flutter’s ecosystem, FlutterFlow empowers developers to efficiently build cross-platform mobile applications without extensive coding knowledge, accelerating the development cycle and fostering innovation in mobile app development.

Together we will be building an app from start to finish in just a matter of hours

After completing this workshop, you will know:

  • How to build the UI with the Drag-n-drop UI-editor
  • How to build logic with Actions-editor
  • You are aware of the advantages and disadvantages of FlutterFlow in comparison to other platforms

Don’t forget!

– Bring your own laptop 
– You don’t need a paid Flutterflow subscription for the workshop

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