How Mendix Manages a Multi App Landscape at Scale

Did you know that Mendix runs their own platform on the Mendix platform? The Community and Collaboration unit is responsible for many of the applications you daily interact with if you want to manage your project, get certified or are stuck with an issue. Most if not all apps are also build with Mendix our former CTO called it drinking our own champagne, and now with this meetup series we will explain some of our solutions to you and how we manage our own Mendix landscape at scale.

The first Meetup in the series is all about introducing the Community and Collaboration unit (aka C&C) and how we are sending emails and do UX at scale.

Whenever you signup, invite someone to your project, answer a question, and many more instance Mendix sends out emails to recipients. When the platform started all emails were sent by the application itself and all styling and templates were handled by them individually as well. Of course this is fine whenever you start sending emails for four applications but if you want to make it scalable different approaches are required. Roeland and Shana are going to talk about how we in Mendix send all those emails.

But what about the front end? How can we ensure a seamless experience for users across apps?
A design system! Back in 2019, C&C owned numerous apps, each with their own custom CSS. This sparked the idea of having a design system to support the multi-app landscape. We’d like to share the experience of our star – Platform Design System! Also how we proved the value of PDS and conquered challenges along the way.

17:30 Walk-in and dinner
18:30 Presentations

* Introduction of Community & Collaboration unit
* Sending emails at scale – Roeland Salij, Shana Lai
* Platform Design System – Juliana Bustamante, Steve Lynagh

19:30 Drinks and networking


* Roeland Salij is a Mendix expert turned Product Manager
* Shana Lai is a UX focused Mendix developer and annoying artist
* Juliana Bustamante is a UX lead engineer, accessibility advocate and roller skate dancer
* Steve Lynagh is a SASS maestro, React killer and MxBand guitarist

The Mendix Community Meetups are about meeting other makers, knowledge sharing, and learning something new. To learn more about the meetups or if you want to organize your own meetup, contact the Community Team at community at []( .

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