Mobile App Accessibility; no more excuses!

Bruno Scheele

Speaker / Trainer

Bruno Scheele has been a mobile app developer for almost 10 years. As a senior developer and founder of Noodlewerk Apps, he has worked on and delivered numerous projects; both well-known, rock solid applications with tens of thousands of users per day, to wonderfully creative apps for a small audience. He is currently focusing on mobile app accessibility and iOS, and developing techniques to include it in the development process as early as possible. When he's not coding, you can find him painting miniatures and playing Dungeons & Dragons with both old and new friends, playing games or reading fantasy adventure books with his cat on his lap.

“They don’t use our app anyway.”
“This is our MVP, we’ll add that later.”
“But we know nothing about that.”

Mobile app accessibility is becoming increasingly important, for moral, business and even legal reasons. But when you are planning for your next app, or preparing for a grand refactor, accessibility often is left out; due to budget, time constraints or even a sense of fear of jumping into an unknown field. But when doing so, you’re leaving an important and grateful community behind, and opening yourself up to future risks.

In this talk, we’ll address why implementing mobile app accessibility from the start will increase growth of your business, help prepare you against legal liabilities and will open you up to a new demographic that will love you all the more for including them. After that, we’ll discuss some practical examples that you can consider and implement without much overhead, allowing you to get a head start. And finally, we’ll briefly discuss some advanced options that will elevate you above your competitors.

After this talk, you will have no more excuses. Get started on accessibility today!

Session details
Date: 18-04-2019
Time: 1555593300 - 14:05
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