Midjourney Basics: 2-hours into Midjourney

In this two-hour workshop, we will lead you through the fundamentals of Midjourney, offering real-time insights into crafting beautiful artwork for various purposes, including mobile apps, websites, promotional materials, and more. Feel encouraged to ask any questions you may have throughout the session. By the workshop’s end, you’ll possess the skills necessary to generate impressive images effortlessly, simply by composing straightforward text prompts.

Trainers: Fleur Strike & Roeland Weve

The program looks as follow:

– Introduction to Midjourney: Features and functionalities.
– Understanding Basic Prompts
– Using Key Parameters: Exploring parameters like aspect ratio, chaos control, style variations, quality, and the differences between models
– Hands-on Practice: Live demonstration on how to create and modify images using Midjourney.
– Saving and Modifying Images: Practical guidance on saving and making variations of generated images.

We’ll show you how to do this via Discord and the Midjourney website.

Extra information:

– Bring your own laptop if you want to try out Midjourney! 
– Create a Discord account beforehand so you can join our Discord channel during the workshop.
– You don’t need a Midjourney subscription for the workshop

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