Mendix Masters: Leveraging AWS Connectors

Mendix Masters is about learning from others, trying out and discovering new possibilities of the Mendix platform by doing. Start new innovations in your Mendix team by attending and getting hand-on experience.

**Raoul Groen** will introduce how AWS connector empower new possibilities, and how these can be leveraged in a Mendix app. After his introduction you will get hands-on challenges, to gain experience, trigger new insights and possibilities.

**Connectors used for the challenges are:**
[Amazone Bedrock](
Examples: Analyze customer behavior and ordering. Advice a optimal loading plan for truck, based on route of delivery combined with weight and size of packages.
[Amazon Textract](
Examples: Extract handwritten text from a form. Scan your receipt and extract data for your financial administration.
[Amazon Rekognition](
Examples: Image analyses for agricultural. Finding imperfections. Scan your refrigerator and order missing items from your local grocery store.
[Amazone Translate](
Examples: Real time translation for a customer chat or multilingual data in an international used application.

This session becomes more valuable when you bring own company case. After the break you will be invited to put the learnings into practice for your organization.

Mendix has more AWS connectors available. Check them out here: [](
Want to practice with another connector? let us know!

13:00 – Kick-off & introduction
13:30 – Practice: Challenges
15:00 – Break
15:30 – Practice: Ideas from your organization
16:30 – Demo, share learnings
17:00 – Networking and drinks

**About Mendix Masters**
Mendix Masters is discovering and learning in collaboration with other developers. Its not a workshop where you will be instructed the whole session, its not a meetup with a short presentation.
Its playing around with Mendix features and discovery of how these can be leveraged. Together with other Mendix developers, guided by a Mendix expert.

**Important notes**
The session will be hosted and guided in Dutch.
It will not be recorded and shared.
Its a hands-on session, and thus limited seats available.
RSVP only when attending.

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