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Ad van Roosmalen

Speaker / Trainer

Ad van Roosmalen is a consultant in leadership and organizational development. He supports leaders, teams and organizations to increase their capacity to be successful in constant change. Ad facilitates change networks and effective strategy and brainstorm meetings. He is a certified trainer and co-owner of the Genuine Contact™ program and member of the international network of Genuine Contact™ professionals. Genuine Contact™ is an holistic approach to change and organizational success.

Stepping up to lead a team, becoming a business owner, and hiring staff are big changes that will ask different skills and capacities than you have had to use before. Growth is nothing more than accelerating change. Change, that is also part and parcel of the environment in which you operate. So the question ‘how do you lead a team’, should really be how do you successfully lead a team in an environment of change. And how do you lead so that your team and organization can reach its full potential.

A crucial step of finding the answer lies is addressing the organizational health and balance of your team or company. In this workshop we will examine aspects of what organizational health and balance is and what this means to you and the way you lead. My goal is that you will walk away at the end of the workshop with a new perspective on leading or working with a team and concrete steps you can take in order to lead successfully.

Additional literature : Birgitt Williams (2010), The Genuine Contact Way, Nourishing a Culture of Leadership.
Patrick Lencioni (2012), The Advantage, Why organizational health trumps everything else in business.

This session is interactive, you won’t need a laptop

Session details
Date: 17-04-2019
Time: 1555491600 - 12:30
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