Industrial Innovation with Mendix on Edge

Join us for a meetup where we’ll talk about using low-code apps in industrial settings. Our speakers, Thomas Roehl and Bob van Hogen, will share insights on managing data and building apps in manufacturing and industrial areas.

Thomas will talk about using Mendix on Edge for creating apps that work with machine data on the shop floor. He’ll explain why it’s useful to collect this data and how it can help businesses.
Bob will discuss the IIH Essentials and how it handles data from Edge devices. He’ll introduce the IIH Connector, a tool for adding this data to Mendix apps, and explain how it can be used for things like dashboards and data analysis.

17:30 – Walk-in, Food, Drinks
18:30 – Low-code Apps on the Shopfloor by Thomas Roehl, Mendix on Edge
19:15 – Industrial Information Hub Connector by Bob Van Hogen, Mendix
19:30 – Networking and drinks

**About Mendix Meetups**
The Mendix Community Meetups are about meeting other makers, knowledge sharing, and learning something new.
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