How to set yourself up to deliver an awesome mobile app experience

Christian Robert

Speaker / Trainer

Christian Robert is a software development enthusiast, implementing customized software solutions for more than 15 years. Having experienced a wide range of projects and requirements he's constantly asking himself: How can we better our craft? He is currently working as Senior Systems Architect focussing on developing efficient and well crafted software solutions. As he not only likes to work with machines but also enjoys interacting with people he's constantly trying to push software craftsmanship ideas and help other developers to realize their full potential.

Creating a mobile app has become a piece of cake: Whether you’re using Android or iOS the time it takes to put an app into the store becomes less and less. But creating a *great* app, an app that users want to use, an app that users love to use and an app that users don’t want to live without – that’s hard and often painful work. It’s not enough to just “be out there”. Every app needs to fulfil a purpose and make the life of its users easier. Otherwise it will simply be ignored.

And once you’ve managed to rollout your app, the work doesn’t stop. An app is never finished, it has to constantly evolve and be adapted to the ever changing world. There is always room to improve, always room for adding or optimizing features – a never ending quest.

More than four years of building and enhancing the mobile app for one of Europes largest airlines have taught the speaker a lot of lessons – what a great app can do, what a great app *should* do and what a great app must try to avoid. Whether it’s the product itself, the technology that fuels it or the development process and the team that delivers it – everything has to fit together. The ultimate goal always has to be to deliver an experience that the user values and appreciates.

So, we will take a deeper look at all of these aspects: Defining a great product, selecting the right tools and setting up a team that can deliver it. Everything has it’s own challenges and everything has it’s own strange moments of “Oh, I didn’t think of that”. Based upon the experiences of a wide variety of domains – technologists, quality assurance, user experience and project management – the presentation will show you what areas to put your focus on, what external boundaries you must be aware of and how to setup a landscape that will allow you to create the best experience for your users: An app that they never ever want to remove from their devices.

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Date: 18-04-2019
Time: 1555596900 - 15:05
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