How mapping your customer’s journey can help you scale up your app business

Babs van Gisbergen

Speaker / Trainer

I love to help create customerdriven and sustainable growth for small & medium businesses. I believe in synergy, believe that the only path to growth comes from commitment, loyalty and connection. Our customers are not only our livelihood but our friends and fans. If we treat them as such they will help us grow. For more info go to:

In this 2,5 hour workshop we will explain the why how and what of customer journey mapping. After 2,5 hours you will know the basics of customer journey mapping and why it matters to all of us.
It will be an interactive workshop in which we will put theory to practice.

Who is it for? this workshop is for anyone who wants to know more about your customers; you can be a developer, productowner, designer, marketeer or salesmanager. I would love to have a mix of disciplines so we can gather the different views!

Session details
Date: 17-04-2019
Time: 1555509600 - 16:30
Location: Da vinci bedrijvenhuis. Nieuwpoortkade 2a, 1055RX Amsterdam
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