Extending Mendix development

Join us to discover what role Mendix extensibility can play in the upgrade and improvement of a large-scale order management system. In this meetup we will provide insight into the challenges faced with a large-scale order management system and discover the ways that we can utilize Mendix extensibility to make the life of a developer much more efficient. We will do this by means of 2 presentations:

**Large-scale order management**
Learn about
· managing orders on a large scale with Mendix and what impact the seasons have on peak performance.
· the challenges faced with a Mendix approach to 24/7 availability needed to serve your customers.
· the challenges when performance is key in a global SaaS solution. How do you handle a 320 Gb database and tens of thousands of transactions?
· regulations and data security which are paramount for your business continuity.
Moreover, you probably all will have used this platform without even knowing there is such a highly complex Mendix application enabling you.

**Extend Mendix development beyond the default**
In this second presentation we will take an in-depth look into the different StudioPro extensions that we have developed to make our life as developers easier and more efficient when performing an upgrade of the introduced large-scale system from Mendix 7 to version 9 and improving its functionality. The extensibility framework for StudioPro can be leveraged to speed up mondain tasks and can help in gaining more in-depth insight into related items. We will also demonstrate how the developed extensions can help with improved security and compliancy, also for your projects. Learn about the future steps in Mendix development by automating mondain tasks and gaining insight into your applications.

**Key Takeaways:**
· Understand the challenges with large scale systems from Intersolve.
· StudioPro extensibility to the rescue.
· A glimpse of the future of extensibility.
Of course, there will be plenty of time for questions and networking, as always. The event will be held at the Mendix office in Rotterdam.

18:00 – 19:00 Food
19:00 – 20:15 Presentations by Jorrit van der Spek (Intersolve) and Edwin Huitema (BlueTale)
20:15 – 21:00 Drinks & Networking

Join us on an evening of pushing pixels and next-level networking!


· **Jorrit van der Spek**
Jorrit is a senior product manager at Intersolve, with a degree in knowledge and information management. Supporting the Intersolve business with effective stakeholder management and requirement analysis and much more. Intersolve is a processing company managing gift cards, loyalty, and payments. They offer a high-availability transaction processing system and a sophisticated digital gifting solution with interfaces to cash registers, MPOS, Payment service providers, kiosks, payment terminals, websites. Their eMoney license, eWallet and payment infrastructure enables us to issue white label gift cards, payment cards and QR code payment methods. ​

· **Edwin Huitema**
Edwin is owner and an Expert Mendix Developer at BlueTale with a classic coding background. Specializing in the most complex solutions, passionate at problem-solving and creative thinking for effective and application design and delivery. When working at Mendix, Edwin helped lay the foundation for StudioPro extensibility.
This is an in-person meetup and it will be recorded for people interested in watching it later on.

**About Mendix Meetups:**
The Mendix Community Meetups are about meeting other makers, knowledge sharing, and learning something new.

**What we don’t to at meetups:**
· Sales
· Marketing
· Recruitment
To learn more about the meetups or if you want to organize your own meetup, contact the Community Team at community at Mendix.com.


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