Enterprise vs Consumer Ux & Data Versioning in Mendix

Designing apps with Mendix may seem simple, but there is an art to it! Join us at this Ordina meet up (NL Edition), where experts Rico Robinson and Wouter Penris will shed light on 2 main topics:

**1) Enterprise vs. Consumer Design Principles**
Have you ever come across design tips telling you to keep it simple, make use of more whitespace or to design for mobile first? While definitely valid and helpful, a lot of design advice found online is tailored to designing consumer-facing applications or websites. With Mendix, more often than not, we work for enterprises. In this talk, Rico Robinson will describe the overlap and differences between enterprise and consumer Ux, as well as factors to consider when making design decisions.

**2) Data Versioning**
Imagine a form that is passed from person A to B to C; each person makes changes to the underlying Form object. How do we keep track of who made what changes when, where, why, etc.? How to present such changes elegantly in your Mendix app? In this section of the meet up, Wouter Penris will demo a sleek data-versioning pattern with a domain and Ui/x aspect, that you can use to create and maintain a chain of versioned data.

With this knowledge you’ll be able to simply and elegantly employ better Ux design and data versioning for your Mendix apps.

**Key Takeaways**:

* Explore differences/overlap between consumer and enterprise Ux
* Leave with a clear decision-making framework for approaching enterprise Ux in Mendix.
* Learn how to apply an inheritance-based data versioning pattern for simple and presentable data versioning in Mendix applications. (model + Ux)

Of course, there will be plenty of time for questions and networking, as always. 😊 The event will be held at the Ordina office in Utrecht.


* 18:00 – 19:00 Dinner
* 19:00 – 20:00 Presentations by Rico Robinson and Wouter Penris
* 20:00 – 21:00 Drinks & Networking

Join us on an evening of pushing pixels and next-level networking!

🎤 Wouter Penris
Wouter is a Mendix MVP, Trainer and Expert with a background in Education (Music and English); a thought leader on topics such as Validations and Workflow, and trusted advisor for a variety of clients.
🎤 Rico Robinson
Rico is a senior Mendix Developer specializing in Ui/x, equipped with a degree in Communication & Multimedia Design, passionate at problem-solving and creative thinking for effective project delivery.
This is an in-person meetup and it will be recorded for people interested in watching it later on.

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