Developing Skills & Actions for Voice Assistants

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Personal assistants haven’t been exclusive to the Miranda Priestlys and Don Drapers of this world for a long time now. Everyone that owns a smart phone can get one for free. And for a very reasonable price you can get one, two, three assistants for your house, office, wrist, car. That’s awesome! At least, if you can get them to do what you actually want.

And who takes care of that? Us, of course! The designers and developers of the so called skills and actions that enable assistants to be actually useful. Because connecting your client’s IoT device or service to an assistant is a piece of cake, really. We’ve done it a few times now and would love to tell you how you can do that, too!

First, we’ll get a little context: what are voice experiences? Why are they relevant to me? What should I focus my attention on? Then, we’ll dive into the design and development of a demo app and deploy it as an Alexa Skill or Google Assistant Action.

Zoom webinar:

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Date: 03-12-2020
Time: 1606996800 - 12:50
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