Conduct your own UX research with Ruigrok NetPanel

Anna Stekelenburg

Speaker / Trainer

Anna focusses mostly on UX research for websites and apps in her job as marketeer at Ruigrok NetPanel.

Want to learn how to set up and carry out qualitative UX research? Anna Stekelenburg from Ruigrok NetPanel can help you with this! In this workshop all facets of UX research are discussed: from determining when to do research using the theory of Design Thinking, all the way to making sense of your findings. But it’s not all theory, you learn best by doing! Make use of the many years of experience of Ruigrok NetPanel in researching apps and websites and go home with practical tools to get started with UX research yourself.

Session details
Date: 17-04-2019
Time: 1555491600 - 12:30
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