Compose navigation & Running LLM’s on small devices @ The Mobile Company

This time we are welcome at The Mobile Company in Amsterdam! We have two talks planned for the evening, one about compose navigation and the other about running LLM (Large Language Models) on small devices.


18:00: Walk-in and dinner
18:50: Introduction DutchAUG & The Mobile Company
19:00 First talk: Lukáš Anda & Maarten Lammers
*Framework-agnostic compose navigation*
19:45: Short break
20:00: Second talk: Hugo Visser
*Running LLMs on small devices like Android phones*
21:00: Closing and Drinks

**Lukáš Anda & Maarten Lammers – Engineers at The Mobile Company**
*Framework-agnostic compose navigation*

Navigating between screens in Jetpack Compose or Compose Multiplatform apps is essential for crafting intuitive user experiences. However, the plethora of navigation libraries available often leads to lock-in, with each library imposing its own constraints and challenges. In this talk, we delve into the concept of framework-agnostic compose navigation, advocating for a plug-and-play approach that empowers developers to seamlessly switch between navigation libraries with minimal effort.

We’ll explore the common pain points encountered with existing navigation frameworks, such as broken animations and rigid coding styles, and propose a solution focused on decoupling navigation logic from specific libraries. By abstracting navigation components, developers can prioritize the logic itself, fostering adaptability to the rapidly evolving landscape of navigation libraries. Through Kotlin examples and practical demonstrations, we’ll illustrate how this approach enables developers to craft flexible and maintainable navigation systems, promoting codebase longevity and enhancing developer productivity. Join us as we embark on a journey towards simplified and adaptable navigation solutions for modern UI frameworks.

**Hugo Visser – Android @ Little Robots**
*Running LLMs on small devices like Android phones*

In this talk we’ll discuss the basics of large language models. How can we shrink something that is large to something smaller and run them on a device? We’ll talk about how to integrate the popular llama.cpp into an Android app and the challenges that come along with that.


* From Central Station a bus will drive you here in about 20 minutes. Just check Google maps or the special public transport planner
* Alternatively you can rent a OV-fiets (public transport bicycle) from Central Station and cycle yourself here in a smooth 15 minutes.

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