Code Buffet Appril & Appsterdam

Hello Code lovers,

Our first buffet was great! That is why we are hosting a second dinner on Saturday 25 November 2023. This buffet is for app makers, designers, Product owners. If you are a member of the user group Appsterdam, FlutterNL, Dutch AUG, a frequent visitor from the Appril festival or you work with The house of Appril, you are welcome.
18:00 drinks – 19:00 dinner until 22:30

How to get to the dinner party
You can take the bus from the central station. If you come by car, please give us your license plate number in advance.

The house of Appril
Da Vinci creative spaces
Nieuwpoortkade 2a
1055RX Amsterdam

Fence open / closed
Join us before 18:00 and you can go to the reception, join us after 18:00 the fence will be closed and you need to call one of the organisers.
Do you have an allergy, please pass it on:
Our deadline is 23 November, we need to let the kitchen know how many people we are coming to eat with. If you already know you want to come and eat with us, please sign up and buy your ticket before this date. Tickets: 35,-

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