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Bob Wiebes

Speaker / Trainer

Bob Wiebes is a Design Thinker with a passion for human-centered design, both inside and outside the office. His experience with facilitating design workshops has brought him from De Belastingdienst to Philips, working together with agencies like AKQA and IJsfontein. He will host an expert table session focused on collaborative problem solving in a design context, sharing the secrets for efficient and smooth value creation in the mobile app sector. He is looking forward to a discussion about what the audience of Appril feels is most important when designing and building digital products for humans.

Speaker / Trainer

J​oris ​Slagter​

Speaker / Trainer

Louise Verschuren

Speaker / Trainer

Seb Sueur

Speaker / Trainer

Tax advise for start ups. Weller partner of Appril Festival. Do you have problems with the Dutch tax office, or do you need to optimalize the structure of your company in a tax efficient way ? Please let us know what your questions are and e-mail us at or talk to me during an expert session. See you at the festival!

Talk to an expert during appril 2019. During our conference we have a set of experts available to help you with in-depth questions or challenges that you face with your app. Here’s your chance to get 15 minutes of free advice from one of our industry leaders. Whether you wonder how to deal with taxes when earning with your app, or how to best get your app through Apple’s app review process, we have experts on various relevant fields to help you out or to give you a head start.

​Our appril 2019 Experts:

Marketing expert: Louise Verschuren
Agency: Wuzzon

App Store Review & Deployment expert:​ Ivo Jansch​
Agency​: Egeniq

​Team ​Development: ​J​oris ​Slagter​ ​
Agency​: Thrive

Mobile advertising:
Agency​: Adjust

Tax: Seb ​Suer
Agency​: Weller

Development: Bob Wiebes​
​Agency​: aFrogLeap

Session details
Date: 18-04-2019
Time: 1555593300 - 16:20
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