Since 2012 I am committed to connecting professionals with good app ideas to developers, designers, and marketers in the app industry. And inspire them.
This is reflected in my work as Miss appril, which you can roughly classify into five parts:

1. Founder/ organizing the appril festival since 2012.
2. Working with and for Appdevcon
3. Link professionals from the app industry to projects
4. Run the Soft skills program for developers
5. Represent a number of app professionals through my agency

I’m always looking for professionals who I can help, match to new work, projects and companies.
Creative, app builders, free minds, techies and people who simply create beautiful things.
Professionals who love to build, shape and promote apps or digital campaigns from A to Z.

How do I work:

  • I listen
  • Help you with your CV
  • Seek in my network for a good fit and not for a quick fix.
  • Help you with getting a better salary

Learn more about my background, View my LinkedIn profile here or approach me for a cup of coffee to get acquainted.

Or find me on one of the Tech Meet-ups that I often visit.