Question 1: 12 years of app development, what have you been doing all these years?

I got involved with apps back in 2015 when I joined a game developer in Tokyo, handling their oversees marketing efforts, before joining Adjust in 2016 as the head of account management for Asia. I moved across to my current position in the research team, based in Berlin, in early 2018. Thanks to this journey I’ve had the opportunity to watch the evolution of our industry both from a buyer and an MMP perspective.

Question 2. Tell me bit more about yourself and what do you create?

Adjust was founded back in 2012, with the simple goal of providing mobile advertisers with a single source of truth. More than five years on, we’ve added a whole host of new features, including fraud prevention, audience building, and a whole host of other features to further help our clients get the most out of their campaigns. I head up Adjust’s Product Communications, which in short focuses on sharing our thought leadership, new standards and other strategies with the world through written and spoken content.

Question 3: What milestone or technologic breakthrough will be most remarkable within the next 2 year?

I think we’re on the verge of it – automation in buying. Think about how stock trading moving from people to computers completely revolutionised and changed the state of the stock market. I think we’re about to see the same revolution in digital marketing. Machine buying, AI, programmatic, automation and so on are shifting from being fancy buzzwords to actually controlling larger and larger budgets, as advertisers hurry to take advantage of new capabilities and stay ahead of their competitors.

Question 4: What’s your contribution during the appril festival?

I’ll be taking to the stage at the festival to talk about Click Validation, which is our newest anti-fraud standard. Common sense dictates that for someone to click an ad, they have to have seen it first… and yet every day countless millions of dollars are spent on advertising campaigns that blindly trust that ads are actually being served, without any means of verification. Our new measure aims to fix this, and in doing so makes ad fraud mainstays like click spam far, far less effective.

Question 5: What message do you want to bring across to our audience?

It’s something I’ve been espousing for a long time – mobile advertising is growing, and it should be growing, because there’s almost limitless potential as the smartphone continues to replace both the desktop and the TV as people’s go to means of communication and entertainment. But as with any gold rush, there are bad actors and they will use every trick in the book to walk away with your budgets. So I’m keen for the audience at the festival to understand that yes, there are issues in mobile advertising, but that there’s no reason to fear as long as you equip yourself with the right tools.