Representing startups and scale-ups in the political domain. Lobbying for startup-friendly legislation so that The Netherlands can become fertile soil for entrepreneurship and innovation. The startup ecosystem has become an increasingly important part of economic growth, we believe that the gap between fast-growing companies and Dutch rules and regulations needs a bridge. And we are that bridge. Parallel to our lobby activities we bring together our community so that they can share knowledge and experience to help in working around the current governmental obstacles that they encounter.

What do we stand for?

We’ve received input from our members and have come to know that there is adverse policy that entrepreneurs have to undergo. In order to tackle these setbacks we are working on:

  • Attracting and retaining technical talent from abroad
  • Paying employees in stock options instead of wages
  • Creating tax incentives for angels to invest
  • Making public tenders available to star- and scale-ups


Recent victories are:

  • Participation in a Parliamentary hearing concerning a new fund called InvestNL.
    We have successfully addressed the necessity to invest in companies that are not yet making profit
  • Partial saviour of the transitional arrangements for the 30% ruling for expats
  • A lower corporation tax for SME’s


We are proud to have APPril as one of our members and will share our progress from time to time to keep you updated.

Do you support our cause and want your voice to be heard? Then join us!