Our program from appril 2019
Appril festival 2019 is all about Mobile Business, App Development & New Technology. Join us for great App Showcases, Mobile Business cases, App Marketing & Leadgeneration,
Human Centred Design & Tech Talks i.a. Artificial Intelligence, AR, IoT, Conversational User Interface and more. Building excellent customer journeys and brands of the future. Mobile First!

We are a community-driven festival for professionals who work in the domain of apps, this can be developing, designing, the business or on the product side. We have two days with workshops,
network diners, expert sessions and a conference with multiple tracks: Inspiration, Product, Mobile Marketing and growth hacking, Future of tech and the Design track.

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We offer 8 half day tracks
Track 1 – inspiration and design: The success of an app depends on the user experience, and apps continuously compete to provide the best UX. Learn best practises from successful app designers to improve the design of your apps and delight your users
Track 2 – startups: learning from innovative startups to find new and original ways to do apps.
Track 3 – marketing: Whether your app has 200 users or 2M, every app needs a growth and user acquisition strategy. Learn what tools you can use to increase your app downloads or revenue
Track 4 – tech / Development: tips and tricks from proven apps to improve your Development and deployment practises.
Track 5 – product innovation: In this track we will look at practical ways to innovate your product
Track 6 – product ownership / management: building an app is not easy. This track will help you run better projects, reduce risk and increase productivity. Learn from experts to improve your app and enhance your product Owner skills.
Track 7 – future tech: All about development and New Technology. Whether you are planning an app or already have an app, learn what technologies of tomorrow you can start incorporating today
Track 8 – quality and testing: creating apps is more than ux and writing code. This track helps you improve quality processes so that your apps can maintain a higher standard.

NEW: Our Expert labs
In addition to these tracks we feature the expert labs with one on one ‘ask me anything’ style power sessions. Talk to an expert during appril 2019. During our conference we have a set of experts available to help you with in-depth questions or challenges that you face with your app. Here’s your chance to get 15 minutes of free advice from one of our industry leaders. Whether you wonder how to deal with taxes when earning with your app, or how to best get your app through Apple’s app review process, we have experts on various relevant fields to help you out or to give you a head start.

App network diner
At the Table of appril (April 17) visitors, speakers and members of our community meet each other. Professionals who work on apps on a daily basis: developers, designers, app makers, users and specialists in marketing, communications, security and leaders and investors. Joining this session include food, drinks and good company!

NEW: Dutch App Awards
The Dutch App Awards are the best prices for Dutch apps created by Dutch teams. With these awards we love to shine a light on Dutch app development.
The nominees for 2019 are:
Consumer apps: Albert Heijn, Flitsmeister B.V. & Peaks.
Media & Entertainment: Qmusic, NOS & AD NieuwsMedia.
Audience price: StuComm B.V., Kinder & Primephonic.
Social Impact apps: SkinVision, NSDSK & NoFoodWasted

New: Podcast sessions (H)app(y) talks
During the 7th edition we will take off with a new serie of podcasts by Wiebe Elsinga, our own Senior Android developer. Wiebe talks to Dutch app specialists about development, business, design, product, growth hacking Marketing & new tech trends. After the festival you can listen or participate with our monthly podcasts.

This is appril (7th edition)
Website: https://apprilfestival.com
Industry event, bringing together everyone involved in apps
Date: 17-18 April 2019, Amsterdam
250-300 attendees (50% developer, 13% designer, 21% app marketing, 15% sales)
Venue: Pathé De Munt Movie Theater in Amsterdam.
Attendees: We expect around 350

Apprilfestival is the sister of Appdevcon (Website: http://appdevcon.nl) technical event, by app developers, for app developers (Android, iOS and other platforms)

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