Miss appril / Jacqueline de Gruijter

Founder appril & matchmaker van developers / Designers

Founder @apprilNL festival since 2012. I know, I find and I match #designers #developers. With every match a 5% goes to the NLtech community ❤

Ivo Jansch

CEO / Co-founder at Egeniq and Buildozer

I’m one of the founders of Egeniq.com, an app development and services company in The Netherlands. I’m an iOS, Android and web developer and software architect. I’ve authored three books: ‘php|architect’s Guide to Enterprise PHP Development’, ‘PHP development in the cloud’ and ‘N Ways To Be a Better Developer’. I also regularly speak at conferences. My strength is in my combination of tech, commercial and management skills.

Brechtje de Leij

Programma appril 2018 | Digital Strategist | Mobile Expert

I work as a mobile strategist for my own company B-Digitized, helping businesses with a mobile-first or even mobile-only digital strategy. My ten years of experience in mobile has been published in my book Mobiele Eenheid, which helps businesses get ready for this mobile era.

Michel van den Berg

Programma appril2018 |Mobile Engagement Provider

Since the first Iphone in 2007, Michel specializes in applying Mobile technology to businesses. Michel helps now bigger companies to transform and innovate towards a mobile-first company. He is founder of Appsolute Value Inc that is a.o. active in the American mobile retail and banking industry.

Carola Kesteloo

Creative Business Partner appril

Als ‘creative business partner’ ondersteun ik appril om de uiteenlopende communicatieboodschappen scherp te formuleren, zodat partners, deelnemers en opdrachtgevers een helder beeld uitdragen naar elkaar, investeerders en (potentiële) klanten.

Frans de Gruyter

festival financieën

Frans de Gruyter is responsible for the financial tasks of the festival. This is great because then Jacqueline can focus on what she does best, running a quality mobile applications event.

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