We hope you’re doing great! The Appril festival team is working on the launch of the largest mobile business event in the Netherlands again. For every professional in the Dutch App Industry, during Appril we gather for inspiration, innovation, and new business. The coming edition will be hosted through The Netherlands (yes, through all of the provinces) from the 17th to the 26th of April 2024, and you can join us!

2024 Back to our roots

This year’s program is different from the last edition, we go back to our roots… This means that we will have talks, network drinks, dinners, and training at all places in NL. We will have all kinds of topics, all about mobile solutions. From app development; cross platform of native, UX design and the launch in one of the stores. For everyone involved from the birth of the app till the launch.

Share your expertise!

As we gear up for an exciting week of innovation and creativity during our upcoming app festival, we’re on the lookout for passionate experts to lead engaging workshops on design, code, and soft skills. If you’re passionate about shaping the future of the tech industry and eager to contribute to our vibrant community, we invite you to express your interest. 

Join Appril festival 2024!

Would you like to join our event with a presentation, a training or a drink? Woul you likte to contribute to our community. Please contact us by mail: join@apprilfestival.com

We are here to inspire!

In the upcoming months, we will use our time to upgrade the website with our new festival 2024 program and the highlights. Our new program will be ready on the first of March 2024. Our festival will be a mix off community & partner events, Appril sessions, our famous App dinner, workshops, and training. In this edition, you can participate in interactive online and or offline sessions.

Update our community!

You’ve just built a new feature, launched an app. You have huge news, small news, a call, contest, hackathon or request. Share your news with us!

If your are a passionate blogger in design, code, or product. Join us in sharing your insights and expertise. Let your voice be heard in the dynamic realms of creativity and innovation. Interested? Reach out to us and let’s create compelling content together! Please contact me thru mail: jacqueline@appril.nl