Appril festival has been over for quite a while now. But it could be the case that you couldn’t attend all our excellent seminars or that you want to revisit one or two seminars. That’s why we have made this summary of all the 2020 seminars, so you can pick and choose which seminar you want to revisit.

Accessible apps

Dennie Declercq

Want to start building apps for people with disabilities but don’t know where to start? In this session, Dennie covers everything to start right now! There are many people with learning disabilities around the world. There are also people with autism, psychological disabilities. Many of them are also entering the era of mobile and the internet. He talks about design guidelines that can reach them. Dennie also talks about apps but do not focus on a specific technology. Which apps are needed? Which steps of design help them to catch the frontiers of mobile and the internet right now? Microsoft and other big tech companies are working more and more about inclusive design and digital inclusion for people with disabilities.

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Don’t ignore your edge cases.

Elliot Nolten

Last year Funda shipped a couple of features and improvements in their apps, intending to aid millions of searchers to find their next dream home. But, along the way, they’ve learned that you cannot just ignore the edge cases. So through continuous usability testing, user interviews, and monitoring, they made sure to build the right thing and build the thing right.

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Privacy and security for apps

Ilham Ouajnan

Growing digitization brings organizations new possibilities regarding their business models. More and more organizations and individuals are using apps because of the exciting opportunities they create. However, these opportunities also bring new threats to organizations that process personal data and individuals whose personal data is processed. Therefore, it is essential to consider both privacy & security at an early stage when a new app is being developed. This way, privacy & security can be used as enablers of the app and maybe even as a unique selling point, instead of being blockers that come in at a late stage and therefore bring limitations to the app involved.

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The language of mobile campaigns, how not to talk to your users

Bára Drbohlavová

A great way to improve communication with your customers is to learn from the mistakes of others. And that is exactly what Bára Drbohlavová wants to teach you in her seminar. She’ll teach you what you should look out for with communication in apps and, most notably, what you should avoid, common mistakes, and a few fails companies have made in the past.

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One level up with google app campaigns and apple search ads

Louise verschuren

Apple search ads and google app campaigns are pretty easy to set up and manage and give you pretty competitive results, yet these systems can be a bit basic. In this seminar, Louise explains how her company helps ad campaigns go one level up, giving better results and more control over your campaigns. she covers how to improve your ASO, how to link your MMP, targeting LAT on users, experimentation, automatization, benchmarking and optimizing your creative assets.

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