Diemen (Amsterdam, NL)

Are you an experienced API-developer?
Parkmobile is looking for a software engineer who has experience in building and running API-based services.

In order to facilitate our expected growth at Parkmobile we are continually working on keeping our software, our platform and our organisation scalable. From a technical perspective this means that we focus on building independent, relatively small services that communicate to each other via an interface only. And besides we run these services on a self-service platform that scales (AWS in our case). From an organizational perspective this means that we strive for autonomous teams that can work on these services independently.

In order to get to the next level we need a software engineer to help us create an environment where services are highly cohesive but still loosely coupled. That also helps make teams more autonomous: they can work on their own code without too much impact on others. And that actually makes software development much more fun!

Main duties

You first focus will be to build an abstraction layer between our back-end services and our apps. The back-end services are owned by what we call the Provider teams. The Apps are owned by the Consumer teams. The Apps teams need to have an optimized API layer to talk to. For the design and development of this, you will be working with UX experts, app development teams, architects to refine journeys, and to design the tailored APIs that support these journeys such as payload optimization and round-trip optimization.

While you make progress we will expand the team. Therefore we need a pathfinder to lay the foundation for a future guild of API developers.

Essential technical attributes

  • Act as a software engineer on a bachelor level
  • Minimum of 5 years of experience in software engineering
  • Experience in interface development, synchronous and a-synchronous
  • Focus on non-functional aspects of software like availability, reliability, scalability, resilience, security, performance

Other (“nice to have”) technical attributes

  • Experience in Node.js
  • Think like an architect
  • Mindset of continuous improvement to develop faster and run better

Personal attributes

  • An enthusiastic approach and “can-do” attitude;
  • Drive, flexibility and a critical personality;
  • Excellent verbal and written communications.