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Jacqueline de Gruyter
Jacqueline de Gruyter

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The House of Appril doesn’t just match mobile professionals to clients, we also provide growth and learning opportunities for the app community as a whole. Back in 2012  Jacqueline de Gruyter originally started with the appril Festival, a place for app developers to come together and discuss the latest trends in the world of mobile software. Later, participation in Appdevcon was also rolled out, solidifying appril’s place in the App community.

Matching App professionals

From these activities our large network of mobile pioneers, developers and product owners grew, and so did requests to help in job searches. From this The House of Appril was born. Matching talents within the app world to clients in search of original thinkers. Because we come from within the community, we know what drives you, what your ambitions and issues are. This helps us in finding the opportunities that match your personal profile ánd your cv.

Mobile experts only

We support and match clever, innovative experts who build and create apps and who are not afraid of any technological challenge, regardless of level or language. We offer advice and support to:

#iOSDeveloper #AndroidDeveloper #FlutterDeveloper #ITArchitect #Productowner #Tester #ProjectManager #FrondendDeveloper #BackendDeveloper #XamarinDeveloper #ReactDeveloper #UIdesigner #UXdesigner #LeadDeveloper

Your company and stack podcast

To give potential candidates a better insight into your company, we have something new: our Stack Podcast! Provide inside information about the position, the technology and the organization in a few minutes

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