With over 30 years’ experience in the design and manufacturing industry, I have a unique understanding of the issues you face.

You can always count on me sharing thoughts and ideas with you to come up with the best solution. For this, I’ve been working with Hylke Klasens, an independent lawyer, for many years.

And if you need advice that crosses national borders, I can call on the international network of lawyers I’ve built up over many years.

Over the years I’ve come to specialise in furnishing and interior design in particular. But it’s not only companies in this industry that know how to find me. I have clients from national and international companies in a wide range of sectors, from architecture to IT, from leisure boats to domestic appliances, from clothing to media and art.


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Apps & Law e-book

Creating an app always starts with an idea. During the development process from idea to app, many topics need to be addressed, including legal issues. And although legal issues might not always come to mind from the start, we recommend that you do consider them from the very beginning.

On the one hand, an app must comply with applicable laws and regulations, including those regarding privacy. However, on the other hand an app can also be used to create exclusive rights that can prevent others from copying it. In the books Apps & Law and the Dutch version Apps & Recht, the authors Ruby Nefkens and Ilham Ouajnan mention the various regulations. Use it to your advantage!

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Intellectual property (IP)

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