Our meetup

We are always looking for nice meetup locations, so if your company is doing something with Flutter and want to help host a meetup please get in touch!

And in case you want to start another Flutter meetup group in the Netherlands to cover your (possibly local) needs, you’re always welcome to join Flutter Netherlands.

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Flutter Hollands is a meetup group for Flutter developers and Flutter enthusiasts in The Netherlands, for example in the western and southern part. Together with Flutter Twente (who serves the east of the country) we’re part of the Flutter Netherlands community (e.g. on Slack and social media).

We strive to be an open community where everybody can share their knowledge and ideas to inform, inspire and encourage each other to use Flutter in any way we can.

We aim to organize a meetup every month and we do this in various cities (e.g. Amsterdam, Utrecht, Zaandam, Eindhoven). Meetups can be typical presentation style meetups, but we also want to be open and spontaneous in hosting workshops, lightning talks or just get together to meetup, have a chat, share experiences and do some Flutter coding.


The organizers

Johan Pelgrim

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