CleverTap is the all-in-one engagement platform that helps brands unlock limitless customer lifetime value by helping them create personalized experiences to retain their most valuable customers. The platform empowers businesses to orchestrate experiences for individuals across their lifecycles and design personalized journeys that span a lifetime.

Unify Data and Engage at Scale

Ingest data from diverse sources like web, CRM, app, and more for deeper insights. Harness granular data over an extended lookback period with TesseractDB™, for contextual and trusted customer engagements

Unleash the Power of Rich Analytics

Utilize analytics tools like cohorts, funnels, trends, pivots and more. Gain insights into user behavior and measure campaign impact for informed decision making.

Build Automated Segments with Ease

Create micro-segments based on past behavior, real-time actions and interests. Identify advocates and at-risk customers based on recency, frequency and value for personalized engagement.

Predict your ROI with AI-Powered Insights

Set engagement goals and get instant predictions on the likelihood of achieving them with our Clever.AI segmentation model. Track the progress with intuitive graphs and plan campaigns effectively.

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