Working at the ANWB is a unique experience

We set demanding goals, but also give you ample opportunity to achieve them. We will never stop challenging ourselves and our stakeholders to create the best possible solutions for our users. Developing, improving and maintaining our various other apps Adding features to turn-by-turn navigation

Conducting research as a team to find the best technological solutions Your daily tasks will be diverse and fast-paced. Needless to say, you’ll be spending much time writing code to deliver planned features.
Occasionally, you’ll quickly shift focus when your expertise is needed for high-priority tasks or troubleshooting for production issues.

Working on our apps mean

Furthermore, you’ll fine-tune existing features, have team meetings and conduct research with your colleagues to find the best possible technical solutions. You will develop and improve interesting features such as turn-by-turn navigation (and integration with Android Auto), road assistance (wegenwacht), parking, refueling, and electrical vehicle (EV) charging. At ANWB we use the latest technologies and frameworks for app development. We write our apps. We make use of the MVVM architecture and Jetpack Architecture Components Asynchronous code is written using Kotlin Coroutines and Flow. Our UI is built using Jetpack Compose. As an Android developer for our ‘Onderweg’ app, you’ll experience huge freedom to shape and mold your vision on the way we adopt and integrate the latest tech developments. We strive to be ‘the best app out there’ with the highest quality and reliability we can offer to millions of users.

Our apps

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