We are working on our brand new, updated and enriched website over at https://apprilfestival.com. Keep an eye open for updates, news,  blogs and vacancies by our integrated partner The House of Appril in the coming period. We are working hard to provide you with interesting content all year round.

What you can expect from

Starting from January 2024 we will open up our calendar for live events. Festival partners can integrate and update their hackathons, talks and tech-events through the festival. You as an app expert; developer, UX/UI designer, tester, product owner or founder can join us with a talk, workshops, training sessions or network event.

A new design for our news section

This week, our website developer, Jan Haring, is set to unveil an exciting, fresh design for our news page and blog. We are thrilled to welcome a wave of interesting updates, new products, and services, as we have plenty of space to showcase them!

Do you have app related news, a new design, a special feature developed, a new office, or a unique service that you would like to bring to attention? If so, please send an email to: join@apprilfestival.com