As of this week, Apple Watch wearers can download Schiphol’s newly developed app. This application allows travellers to quickly and easily access the latest information about their flight on their wristwatch. This includes departure and arrival times, the departure hall and gate they need to go to, and the up-to-date status of their flight. 

Schiphol aims to make travellers’ experience as stress-free as possible. Over the past months, the airport has been investing in and working hard on the development of its digital channels. More than 1.6 million travellers have downloaded the Schiphol app onto their iPhone or Android device this year. Figures show that 30% of iPhone users have paired an Apple Watch. The development of this app for these watches was therefore a logical next step.

Applying AI

By applying smart and self-learning algorithms (AI), Schiphol makes the departure, transfer and arrival processes more transparent and predictable. Thanks to these sources of data, travellers can receive changing recommendations and insights into their journey through the Schiphol app. 

“In the past year, we have installed thousands of motion sensors in the ceiling in the departure and arrival halls. With self-learning algorithms, this allows us to increasingly predict crowds and waiting times. Our ambition is to make the entire journey, from home to vacation destination and back again, transparent and predictable”

David de Vries, Product owner Schiphol

After an unforgettable 2022, last year was all about passenger experience, expectation management and making the operation manageable and predictable:

⏰ Introduced security timeslots to make the daily operation predictable and relief passengers of uncertainty.

📉 Developed expected- and live waiting times for security, check-in and even Kiss & Ride, so travelers know exactly how busy it will be at Schiphol.

🌍 Added international flight information allowing travelers to use the Schiphol App even better during their return flight to Schiphol

⌚️ Developed an Apple Watch App which makes the most essential flight information accessible within a flick of your wrist

🎆 2024 will be a year in which we remain committed to providing unparalleled digital solutions that help travelers experience a stress-free journey through Schiphol!

Download the App

The first version of the Schiphol Watch app is now available for download in the iOS App Store. As soon as travellers have downloaded the Schiphol app (or have already downloaded it), the app will automatically appear on their Apple Watch. Travellers who want to help test apps developed by Schiphol in the future can register via Apple’s website.