Jacqueline de Gruyter

Since 2012, I have been bringing together everyone involved in creating an app. These include designers, developers, product owners, investors, publishers, but also customers who are looking for an agency or good app builder.

Once a year in April, I organize the Dutch app festival, appril. The goal of the festival is to inspire, activate and connect professionals working in the mobile application domain. Bringing Dutch application successes to the attention of the public. In addition, I work with team appdevcon together on the appdevcon conference that takes place every year in March. For both events I am responsible for the partnerships.

Since 2017 I focus on matching app builders and UX/UI Designers to clients, both freelance and permanent. My address book is full of good creators, so you can use help to create an app, are you looking for new work, feel free to call, mail or app me or take a look at Missappril.nl.

#Positive #Dyslectic thinking #Creative #Networking

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