Partner event (Appril): GPT prompt engineering code workshop

During this hands-on session, bring your laptop and immerse yourself in a practical exploration of LLMs. Go beyond what is possible for laypeople by integrating the powers of LLMs into code!
LLMs are very good at human-like things, like language and pattern-matching. They have enormous soft powers, like subtle intelligence, structuring text, and even producing code. Code, on the other hand, adds hard powers: loops, calculus, storage, variables, GUIs, etc. The combination of LLMs and code gives exponential powers!
We will use OpenAI API endpoints. Learn to build a simple yet powerful chatbot using text from your company’s website or other sources. Extract structural data and gain valuable insights into maximizing the potential of LLMs.


Session details
Date: 23-04-2024
Time: 13:45 - 14:45
Location: Spaces - House Modernes
Lange Viestraat 2b, Utrecht
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