MedApp and Wolfpack @ Eindhoven

**MedApp** and **Wolfpack** our welcoming us to the MedApp offices in **Eindhoven**! πŸ’™ Two very different companies, that originated from the same company.

πŸ’Š **MedApp** ([website]( is an online pharmacy supplying clients over the entire Netherlands with medication, where a Flutter app is the counterpart of the counter in a traditional pharmacy. The app is used to help with therapy adherence in the form of stock management and alarms, tracking deliveries and ordering medicines, an inbox for communication and a medical diary to keep track of complaints and notes.

🐺 **Wolfpack** ([website]( is an IT service business, developing software on a projectbasis for numerous clients. Projects start with determining an approach, the architecture and a tech stack. The projects are developed in an agile proces and finally maintained. All apps are developed using Flutter!

During this evening both companies will highlight some of their products developed with Flutter!

πŸš—πŸš™πŸŽοΈπŸš• As an experiment we are sharing rides to the meetup location in Eindhoven. All the details in this [Google Spreadsheet document](


**The agenda:**
**17:00 – Doors open**
**18:00 – Food, drinks & connecting**
**18:45 – Welcome and introductions**
**19:00 – First talk: MedApp** πŸ’Š
*πŸ”ˆ* Edwin Hermkens / Mitchel Schouten / Brian Manuputty *πŸ”ˆ*
From a Xamarin app to a full-fledged pharmacy with a Flutter app

**19:45 – ⚑️ Lightning Talks – round 1 ⚑️**

* Taym Haddadi *(Software developer at Signify, Philips Hue)*
BLE in Flutter: Behind the Maintenance Curtain
* Waleed Arshad *(Flutter GDE – Flutter Karachi community lead)*
Intrinsic learnings from building a side product
* Brian Manuputty *(Lead developer @ MedApp)*
On-demand Focus and Peak Productivity with desktop Flutter app: Float Note β˜οΈπŸ“‹

**20:15 – Break & connecting**
**20:45 – Second talk: Wolfpack** 🐺: **The versatility of Flutter**
*πŸ”ˆ* Nadym van Schaik & Mitchell Monhemius *πŸ”ˆ*
Wolfpack will talk about the versatility of Flutter with some examples from projects they did. Next to that they also talk about a game one of the wolves develops using Flutter.

**21:30 – ⚑️ Lightning Talks – round 2 ⚑️**

* Mahdi Shahbazi Raz *(Flutter Architect / Developer @ Goodhabitz)*
Environments in Flutter
* Pieter Otten *(Flutter developer Philips Hue apps @ Signify)*
Getting rid of the Flutter greyscreen!

**21:40 – Drinks & connecting**
**22:30 – End**



* **We do not record, livestream or broadcast this meetup.** We’re fully focussing on a nice in-person meetup experience.
* **Please keep your RSVP status up to date!** Doing so helps organize the meetup tremendously (with waiting list, capacity planning, food & drinks). Thank you!
* **Photography/Video Consent**. MedApp and Wolfpack personnel will be taking photos and/or videos during the event and might use these photos and/or videos for social media, and promotional materials. By coming to the meet-up, you give them your consent to take photos and videos of you.
* **How to get to the meetup location Microlab**:
The address is **Kastanjelaan 400 in Eindhoven**. It’s a bit of a walk from the train station to Microlab (Β±2km/30min), but there are busses going as well. If you want to come by car, or [carpool together with others](, there’s paid parking available in front of the building.


Session details
Date: 23-11-2023
Time: 17:00 - 22:30
Location: Microlab Eindhoven
Kastanjelaan 400, Eindhoven

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