It’s a Wrap – Goodbye Party 2024

Dear friend of Ladies that UX Utrecht,

It’s a wrap!

With great joy and passion we (Kimberly and Jerina) started the Utrecht chapter of global social enterprise Ladies that UX 8 years ago and now it’s time to move on…

We started in a time when UX as a discipline wasn’t commonly known yet, where many members came to meet colleagues at the meetup and when a woman as part of a development team was a rarity.

Meanwhile UX has gained fame, many members have their own colleagues by now and the phenomenon of women in tech is no longer as unique as it used to be.

This contributes to our feeling that this is the right moment to stop organizing monthly meetups.

You were part of this beautiful journey!

So we would like to invite everybody who has participated in these past 8 years to celebrate this very last meetup.

With a special thanks to all our former organizers who have been part of the team at some point on this road.

Anouschka, Paulina, Marcella, Nicky, Renate, Rüya, Thatiana, Soraya, Kim & Rachel.

**Please note:**
As we have always been a meetup-group with no funds, all the drinks and snacks will be at your own expense. **Unless we find a (few) sponsor(s) this one last time.**

💡 If you are interested in offering a contribution, [please donate via this payment request]( [You can also donate via Paypal]( We are happy with any contribution, from 1 euro to 100 euros. We expect about 30 people, so about 300 euros for drinks and snacks at SOIA is our estimation for the 2 to 3 hours. Of course all our donors will be thanked via Social Media and your company will get the exposure it deserves!

Will we see you there?
Where one door closes another will open, we are sure of it.
We wish you all the very best in life and in UX.

Ladies that UX Utrecht
Kimberly Snoyl and Jerina Luteijn

Session details
Date: 19-06-2024
Time: 19:00 - 21:00
Location: Soia - Beach Oog In Al
Kanaalweg 199, Utrecht
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