Flutterizing more mobile apps @ Simyo (by KPN)

Simyo (by KPN) is opening their doors to showcase how they are applying more and more Flutter in their mobile experiences. Join us in visiting their office, within walking distance of the Amsterdam Sloterdijk train station, and hear about their development experiences with Flutter, where they came from, how they are currently doing and how they see things progress in the future.

**Note**: Please fill in your first & last name when RSVP-ing for this meetup. This information is necessary for the Simyo front desk personnel to allow you entrance into the building.

For this meetup we are going to experiment with ***”Short Talks”***. This is a similar format as the lightning talks, but now you have more time (5 to at most 10 minutes) to convey your message. We’d like to find out if this provides both speaker and the audience with a better experience. If you’d like to grab this opportunity to talk about your app, project, library or what have you, feel free to fill-in the question related to this when you RSVP for this meetup, contact one of the organizers or chime in in our **#call-for-presentations** channel on [Slack](https://flutter-nl.slack.com/join/shared_invite/zt-fcbvctdg-k75O8dqPmmbhKeCy6YsO4g#/shared-invite/email).

**=== Agenda (under construction) ====================================**

17:30 Doors open. Drinks + food
18:45 Welcome and Introduction
19:00 **The Flutter roadmap at Simyo (Rudolf Jurgens)**
*In this talk, Rudolf will tell you how Simyo “Flutterized” their apps. At Simyo, they have used the [add-to-app](https://docs.flutter.dev/add-to-app) approach and it has been quite a nice ride so far. They have also made a useful suite of screenshot testing tools, of which you will see a demo. Rudolf was involved from the very first Flutter code applied at Simyo, till today.*
19:40 “Short Talks” round 1
20:00 Short Break
20:20 **Maximizing Code Quality in Flutter Apps (Pavel Sulimau)**
*We’ll explore proven strategies and handy tools aimed at upholding code quality in Flutter apps. While code quality is essential across most projects, it becomes increasingly critical when managing sizable endeavors.*
21:00 “Short Talks” round 2
21:30 Raffle + giveaways followed by drinks and snacks
22:00 Doors closed

**=== Route info** ========================================================

The address of the Simyo office is **Teleportboulevard 121** in **Amsterdam**. This is within a 5 minute walk from the Amsterdam Sloterdijk train station so please consider coming by public transportation for this meetup. If you’re coming by car you can park under the KPN building. The parking entrance is at **Changiweg 121**. Do make sure you fill in your first & last name when RSVP-ing and make yourself known at the parking entrance. The front desk personnel will then open the gate to the parking area.

**=== Speaker info** ======================================================

**Pavel Sulimau** is Lead Software Engineer at EPAM. He is passionate about software development and software architecture and writes about this on his blog at [https://pasul.medium.com](https://pasul.medium.com)

**Rudolf Jurgens** is a freelance mobile developer for almost 15 years. He started with iOS development and worked for many companies of all kind of sizes. In the last years, he became a fan of Flutter and subsequently introduced it to KPN.

Session details
Date: 27-06-2024
Time: 17:30 - 22:00
Location: Simyo
Teleportboulevard 121, Amsterdam
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