Banking with Flutter

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For this meeting ING is opening up their doors to take a look in the kitchen of how a large bank like ING is overcoming challenges with Flutter. We’re super excited to learn what they do and how they do it and how we, as a Flutter community can help make this a success (and vice versa).

**”Banking with Flutter – Flutter @ ING Wholesale Banking”**
**πŸ”Š Angga Arifandi, Dimitar Gyurov and Vipul Shah πŸ”Š**
*Have you ever wondered what the challenges one would face when building a Flutter application in a big corporation, especially a bank? Then this talk is perfect for you! We will discuss:*
*- The challenges we’ve faced and how we overcome those!*
*- The benefits of using Flutter & why we chose Flutter to build a banking application.*

This meetup is going to be short and sweet, with just one talk + some lightning talks. If you want to do a Lightning Talk please contact [Johan]( or [Jairzinno]( preferably on Slack, otherwise here on . If you are not in our Slack-group yet, please go to our website at []( and click the Slack icon to be part of our Slack community of nearly 400 Flutter enthousiasts! πŸ’™

Hope to see a lot of you on February 21st!


**The Agenda** (under construction)
17:00 – Doors open, Food, drinks & connecting
18:30 – Welcome and introductions

18:45 – **”Banking with Flutter – Flutter @ ING Wholesale Banking”**
*πŸ”Š Angga Arifandi, Dimitar Gyurov & Vipul Shah πŸ”Š*

19:30 – Lightning Talks ⚑️
**”Flutter: UI Tests Automation for Enterprise”**
*πŸ”Š Pavel Sulimau πŸ”Š*
“**RevenueCat – In-App Purchases made easy**”
*πŸ”Š Raphael De Lio πŸ”Š*

19.45 – Drinks and connecting
20.00 – End – Close Doors


**Angga Arifandi**
**Software Engineer @ ING Wholesale Banking**
[X]( – [LinkedIn](
Angga is a Software Engineer @ ING Wholesale Banking, working on migrating an existing app to Flutter. Angga has been working on a day-to-day basis with Flutter over the past 6 years. Originally from Indonesia, Angga emigrated to the Netherlands 1 year ago, He is also a Google Developer Expert (GDE) for Flutter & Dart.

**Dimitar Gyurov**
**Engineering Manager @ ING Wholesale Banking**
Dimi is an Engineering Manager @ ING Wholesale Banking, responsible for the mobile application for corporate clients. He has been working with mobile technologies (iOS) since 2016 and has recently discovered the magic of Flutter. Dimi embraces diversity and inclusion and strives to build teams of happy and high performing engineers. In his free time, he likes to learn new programming languages and contribute to open-source projects.

**Vipul Shah**
**Software Engineer @ ING Wholesale Banking**


**Lightning Talk info**

**RevenueCat – In-App Purchases made easy**
*Raphael De Lio – Software Consultant @ Xebia*
[X]( – [LinkedIn]( – [Website]( – [YouTube](
In this lightning talk I will talk about RevenueCat, a platform to power in-app purchases, manage customer data, and grow revenue on iOS, Android, and the web and show how I was able to easily set it up on my own [World Map Translator application](

**Flutter: UI Tests Automation for Enterprise**
*Pavel Sulimau – Lead Software Engineer @ EPAM*
You’ll learn which tools and tricks we use at Albert Heijn, Etos, and Gall & Gall to cover our Flutter apps with Automated UI Tests.


Session details
Date: 21-02-2024
Time: 17:00 - 20:00
Location: ING Cedar
Bijlmerdreef 106, Amsterdam

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